The zoom client encountered an error while processing the request!

I’m trying to use drawImage and drawWebview in my zoom app, but both methods throw exceptions

drawImage :

Unhandled Promise Rejection: Error: The Zoom client encountered an error while processing the request!

Error: The app needs to call render Js-api first. —

Does anyone have any idea bout this?

@khadimul Did you call runRenderingContext() first?

@jose.jassojr I’ve not called the method, and also have not seen it in the documentation


@khadimul Here’s the link to the docs: Zoom Developer Docs

Depending on what aspect of the Layers API you plan on using, but I assume you’re trying to use Camera Mode, you’ll have to call runRenderingContext with slight variations in the params. Here’s what it should pretty much look like if you plan on utilizing Camera Mode straight from the docs:

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Thanks @jose.jassojr

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Dear @jose.jassojr , Javascript not working in drawWebview can you please tell me how i can run javascript in webview

@khadimul I don’t know what you mean by javascript now working… Could you elaborate a little further?

if you elborate more than may be we can help you.

I’m happy to help with this if you can provide a little more information on the error that you’re seeing. Where are you seeing that JS is disabled?

When I use the drawWebView in camera mode, Javascript is not working.

is there any option or method to pass the data from one client to another client in the same meeting?

You cannot call Camera Mode for other participants in the meeting, only for yourself. Is that what you are trying to do? Do you have any screenshots of what your console says when trying to run drawWebview?