Failed to sent message from alertmanager to Zoom incoming webhook (unexpected status code 400)

Hi Support Team,

I plan to send alert message from Prometheus Alertmanager to Zoom incoming Webhook (chatbot). However, I got error message:

level=error ts=2022-03-30T18:24:34.227Z caller=dispatch.go:354 component=dispatcher msg="Notify for alerts failed" num_alerts=1 err="zoom_notifications_webhook/webhook[0]: notify retry canceled due to unrecoverable error after 1 attempts: unexpected status code 400:"

My Alertmanager setting:

- name: 'zoom_notifications_webhook'
      - url: ''
        send_resolved: true
            credentials: 2GN-xg22XDDDDDD3tLE23FY

My alert:

curl -X POST \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '[{
"labels": {
"job": "test-prometheus-job",
"alertname": "test_alert",
"service": "my-service",
"severity": "critical",
"instance": ""
"annotations": {
  "summary": "Test service is down!"
"generatorURL": "http://prometheus.cluster/graph"

I did some research and found that this error message may be related to the message format. I do not know what exactly format Zoom chat needs. Please help advise. BTW, when do you plan to support Alertmanager natively?