Failed to Validate Domain

Hello, I’m working to complete the final step of submitting an app to the marketplace.

I’m on the “Validate the domain” step and I’ve followed the below instructions and the .html file is visible at but I am still receiving this error: “can not access the html file, please be sure the file uploaded correctly and retry”. any support would be appreciated.

  1. Download verifyzoom.html containing a verification code
  2. Create a folder zoomverify under root and make it viewable
  3. Upload the file to your domain and put it in the folder zoomverify
  4. Confirm your upload by visiting your domain
  5. Make sure all webhook and call back URLs that you have entered in the marketplace belong to the same domain

Hi @luke3
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
We can help you by manually validating your domain.
I will send you a private message and please follow up there!

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