Feature parity of Archival API vs Product APIs

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Archiving for meetings and webinars

Can’t figure whether Archiving for meetings and webinars is just a unifying name for diverse product APIs for downloading files? Or is there any compliance use case one cannot achieve without activating this feature?
Lastly, can this feature be activated for free for any paid plan?


How To Reproduce

Hi @ondej.tomanek , which specific product API endpoints are you referring to?

Archiving is a robust solution offered for those subjected to regulatory oversight where meeting and webinar data records require more stringent record keeping.

Please refer to these resources for full archival scope:

Hi Gianni,

I am referring to KB0068489 - Archiving for meetings and webinars

Is such complete solution necessary in order to download recordings and metadata of past meetings/webinars?
Or can I get away with Meetings API and Cloud recordings API? Of course provided that the host recorded the meeting in the first place.