Announcement: Release Notes - August 26th, 2017


Below are the following changes coming in the next release that affect the REST API


API Endpoint for List Recordings (
The “/v1/recording/list” API has a new property. The meeting object, listed in the meetings array, includes a new property called “status”. There is a time in between when a meeting has ended and the recording file has completed processing. The new property will either be “processing” letting you know that the recording is still processing, or “completed” letting you know that the processing is done.

* This also applies to Get Recording


API Endpoint for Get Webinar Registration Info has been enhanced
The “/v1/webinar/registration” API now returns all the properties that can be set via the Register For Webinar API (


New API Endpoint: Activate User
There is a new API endpoint “/v1/user/activate” that relates to “/v1/user/deactivate” ( This API Endpoint will allow you to activate a user via the API.


The REST API documentation will be updated in conjunction with the release and can be found at

You can review all the changes coming in the next release by following this support article

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