Feature to Speak with Individuals in a Meeting

Hello everyone. I’m a music teacher (Orchestra) and am new to this forum. Hopefully I am using this properly.

Back when I taught keyboarding classes at my college, they had a headset system where I could choose individual keyboards/students and communicate with them directly. This allowed me to be much more productive because I could teach every student privately in smaller group classes.

It would be fantastic if there was a feature like this in zoom, where you can click on a student and communicate with just them. This way, I can correct a specific students’ technique without disrupting the class.

I know that all music teachers (and most likely everyone) would be impressed/thankful. What are your thoughts on this? Is this even possible?

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It sounds like you could do with enabling breakout rooms!

Breakout rooms allow you to invite a meeting participant, or several participants to a separate room. Once you are finished there you can simply head back to the main room.