Features differences between Zoom Client app and Zoom iOS SDK

Is there any link or resource which can clearly indicate what are the features differences between,

  1. Zoom Client app for Mobile or Mac or Laptop and
  2. Zoom iOS SDK implementation

Which iOS Client SDK version?
IOS SDK5.4.3 (54802.0124)

Hey @saas,

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We do not have a resource for this handy. Are there any specific features you are curious about?


I understand @Michael_Condon ,
Basically, we want to inform our management about the differences between Zoom Client App they downloaded from Appstore or Play Store and the Zoom SDK we integrated within our iOS / Android App.

I would be very thankful if you can list at least 5-10 major differences.

Hey @saas,

Here are a few things:

  1. The SDK does not support logging in with SSO
  2. The SDK can launch Zoom meetings in a non-Zoom UI using the custom meeting UI feature
  3. The SDK can run headless
  4. The SDK can perform meeting actions with certain UI elements disabled
  5. The SDK is commonly behind in feature parody to the client applications, as the SDK relies on the Client code