Fetching userId for a scheduled webinar

Is there any way of fetching the userId associated with a participant after a webinar is created via API and panellists are added, also via API?

The response from List Participants https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/webinars/listwebinarparticipants lists a participantId, but not the userId that I need so I can send invites to participants via my own mechanism.

Since this information is exposed when I copy the panelist invitation from Zoom’s UI, I will assume that is a possibility:

Thank you!

Hi @RudySeidinger ,

Happy to help! The List Participants documentation you shared is for past webinars. I just want to confirm whether you are looking for the userId for past or scheduled webinars?

For scheduled webinars, these are the endpoints that might interest you:

Here’s also some clarity on participantId vs. userId:

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Hello @gianni.zoom , thank you very much for your reply.

I believe I might have not explained my use-case very well, so I will try to explain it here:

We generate Webinars via API. Those webinars do not allow registration (which invalidates using the registrants API.
We can perfectly add Panellists via API and they are correctly displayed under the list of panellists on Zoom’s Management UI.

The issue is that we need to provide the Participant ID to those users due to the fact that they might not have connectivity to join the webinar via internet.

If I go to UI and click to “Copy panellist invitation email”, I am shown an email content exactly like the one on the screenshot above, containing the numeric participantId. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a way of retrieving that same ID over the API.
I would assume that, because this information is displayed on the UI regardless of the fact I have registered those participants via API, I would also be able to get this same information via API. Am I correct on this assumption?

Hi @RudySeidinger ,

I see – this was a helpful clarification. After talking with my colleagues, we were able to conclude that the participant id that you see in the invitation body is actually not queryable via API. We are aware that this is something that would be helpful to address in our API. You can submit it as a #feature-requests and I’ll emphasize the need as well.


Thanks for your reply @gianni.zoom .

Unfortunately, this is less than ideal for us because we need to send our own customised emails to clients and partners and this information is vital so they can join certain webinars.

Regardless I appreciate your help.

Rudy Seidinger

Thank you so much for your feedback. We understand and appreciate your sentiments!

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