File transfer setting is not a part of Account's or User's Get Settings API

Hi Team,

I am trying to get identify the difference between Account level settings v/s User level settings using Account’s Get Setting and User’s Get Settings API, but there are certain settings which are not captured as part of the APIs response.

For example - The APIs do not provide the details about the File Transfer option if enable / disabled (screenshot attached).

As per documentation, the file transfer setting is not included in the API response.

Can you please suggest, how can I include it as part of the API.


Hey @nitish, we will look into this!

@shrijana.g, do we support the File Transfer settings via Account’s Get Setting and User’s Get Settings API?

Or are the docs missing it?


Hi @tommy @nitish

This feature was removed temporarily in April Release, 2020.

It is planned to be made available again sometime in June/July release. If this changes, I will provide an update here.