Missing properties inside User Recording Settings API

We have hundreds of users for which we need to configure recording settings. Obviously this is not something we want to do by hand via website. I ended up using the following API:
PATCH https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/{userId}/settings
(documentation is here)

The problem is that there are 3 settings we want to adjust, that can only be set via your website, and there is no equivalent properties inside your API. They are the following 3 checkboxes inside Settings > Recording > Advanced cloud recording settings:

  • Display participants’ names in the recording
  • Record thumbnails when sharing
  • Optimize the recording for 3rd party video editor

Here’s the screenshot, where I checked the settings that are missing from API:

Additional context
I tried identifying the missing settings by modifying them on the website, and then calling equivalent GET endpoint, to see if the resulting json response changes. It didn’t.

Can you provide workarounds for settings these via API, instead of by hand via your website? Thanks.

Hey @Zoomer1,

No way to do this via API, but you can lock your account level settings to make them default and uneditable for the user settings.

Account Level, configure and lock here:

User level, can’t change, all selected:


Is it possible that sub-settings could be added in the near future? I am writing a script to audit our account and group settings and some of the lower-level settings are important to us, e.g. allow screen sharing for host or participants. I was hoping that there might be an option like “extendedsettings=TRUE” that would provide the lower-level options in and extended json schema.

Hey @chris.watson,

Please add your API feature request here with more details of the settings you would like to update: #feature-requests