Filtering / Ordering of API Results

Hi Zoom Community,

To provide our service, we pull in information from the client’s account to keep our database up to date with the date they have in their Zoom account, which we will do via your API. Ideally, we would be able to filter and only request new users or meetings from the last time we pulled data. Second to that, it would be great to fetch results in a sorted order. Is there a way to filter or sort that we aren’t seeing? Is there a default order for API results for fetching users, meetings, etc.? Any recommendation for how to best query recent data from your API?

Any assistance you could provide on this matter would be appreciated.


Hi Paul, 

Currently, our API does not have the capability of filtering or sorting the results. I’ll reach back to the engineers to see if we can implement this feature for a future release. 


Thanks, Michael. We appreciate the reply. Is there a default order that results are returned? E.g. as we page through, would the most recent recordings be on the first page?

Hi Paul, 

I checked back with our Engineers and the only sorting we have are for the below APIs.

  • Recordings api - Sort by start time
  • Users api - Sort by email
  • Meetings api -  Sort by schedule time


Great to know. Thank you for looking into it, Michael!