Firefox ESR error with embedded meeting SDK


When using the Zoom Meeting SDK for Web, users using the ESR version of Firefox (currently 102.11.0esr) are unable to use the ribbon and gallery view. They get the same experience they would get if SharedArrayBuffer were not enabled, even when it is.

Browser Console Error

Uncaught (in promise)
Object { type: “INVALID_PARAMETERS”, reason: “userId is not correct” }

reason: “userId is not correct”


Which Web Meeting SDK version?


Object { type: “INVALID_PARAMETERS”, reason: “userId is not correct” }

this error happens on “resize video” if camera was not detected before (SDK embeded example 2.95 / 2.12.2)

  • Chrome 103
  • Firefox ESR 102

the text of the error message is wrong in this case

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