Firefox isSupportMultipleVideos() support

Hello, we’re just looking into Zoom Web Video SDK to potentially migrate from using Jitsi.
I know that currently multiple video streams on Firefox are not supported, as declared on the marketplace and mediaStream.isSupportMultipleVideos() returns false. But will it be supported any time soon?

In this thread it was said that you would support multiple videos once SharedArrayBuffer and SIMD were supported in Firefox. I think that they are both supported now?

The example React app currently only displays a single video (the current active speaker). Are there plans to demonstrate the ability to show multiple video streams by using multiple video elements rather than a single canvas? Or even a video for self view? Is this possible? On Firefox it doesn’t seem to show my own camera even if I am the active speaker.

Thanks for any insight into these.

Hey @jessian

Thanks for your feedback.

We don’t restrict the browsers, the value of mediaStream.isSupportMultipleVideos() depends on the feature detection.
For the second item, we will improve the demo app soon.


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