Video SDK Web version 1.0.3

Video SDK Web version 1.0.3

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Video SDK Web version 1.0.3 release :


  • Single View, a solution to present videos on browsers that are not capable of rendering multiple videos. For example, Firefox and Safari.
  • The stream.isSupportMultipleVideos method. This method returns “yes” if the browser is capable of rendering multiple videos.
  • Support share screen on Safari v14.0.3.
  • The webEndpoint argument to init . Use if you want to use vanity URLs or on-premise data centers. For example, this uses the “” URL:
    • zmClient.init("en-US",${window.location.origin}/lib, '')




Is this just an added example under the Sample app, or is there some new functionality other than isSupportMultipleVideos?

Is there still no way to have multiple videos appear on Firefox without using multiple canvases? If not, will this be supported at some point in the future? Without this, we really can never claim support for Firefox with any app created with this SDK.

Hey @bekit ,

This is dependent on Firefox supporting the shareArraryBuffer and SIMD feature. 1625130 - (wasm-simd) [meta] WebAssembly SIMD.

Afterwards, we’ll enable multiple videos. :slight_smile: