First steps in webSDK with wordpress

I am trying to add zoom web sdk to my wordpress site, I have a few questions, I’ll divide it into different sections to make it more convenient to answer.

I already read all the documentations but unfortunately there are still some stuff that aren’t clear.

  1. I installed the sample app using CDN and npm just to get a feeling on how it works, but when I enter the meeting number and username, and click on join Iframe, all I see is a red square and nothing is loaded (I added my API and BASE key in the code).
    What might cause this issue?

The following questions are regarding my wordpress code:

  1. As mentioned before I am using WordPress therefor PHP as well, I understood that the signature is created with PHP, does it mean that everything else is JS? If so, why do I have to use NPM to create the sample app?

  2. I included all the js files to the page, and now all I see is big black box, how can I create the zoom inside a smaller div inside the page?

  3. I am getting an error using this line in my code “import { ZoomMtg } from @zoomus/websdk’”, how do I suppose to add in my code?

  4. Is there a simple example of js+html that get a signature and joins meeting?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @ronen.landesman,

With PHP I suggest using the CDN install method which does not require Node.js and NPM:

That being said, there are also some community built Wordpress plugins by @elearningevolve and @techies23.


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