How to integrate zoom meeting on WordPress?

Hello, I want to integrate Zoom webinar on my WordPress blog Makita vs Milwaukee so my users can join the meeting on time, can someone guide me how to integrate correctly? Thanks!

what exactly do you want? can you explain more?

I want users to join Zoom meetings through my website but I don’t know how to integrate it.

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You can create a schedule meetings and make a sticky sidebar widget of custom code and then paste link of your zoom meeting, if this is what you want

Hey @JamesCTillman,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. This sounds like a great use case for our Web SDK. We don’t have an example of how to use it with PHP/Wordpress but you can use our Sample Web App as a reference when implementing the SDK.

Let me know if that helps.


Thanks, @Max. I also have the same problem. I am also wanted to integrate zoom meetings into my website for users. That might be helpful for me.

Hey @jonesbrown7788,

Awesome! Sounds like our Web SDK would be a good fit then.

Here is some information on building with the SDK:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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