Flutter Official Zoom Support


We are developing a Flutter App, our customer is actually at the moment using 1 of plans here → Zoom Video Conferencing Plans & Pricing | Zoom - Zoom

Our problem is there are a few packages on pub.dev . None of them works on IOS. I have created an issue here → Swift Compiler Error (Xcode): No such module 'MobileRTC' · Issue #20 · driftboat/flutter_zoom · GitHub and I couldnt get a reasonable answer. I have tried also other packages on pub.dev and each has its own problems, bugs, errors, etc.

My client expects an answer from me because she thinks that Zoom should provide an official support for Flutter, and I also agree with her.

Could you please explain what is the official package for Flutter and and where is related documentation?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, @emrahozyazgan,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Currently, we do not have a Flutter SDK nor do we have an official package for it. However, I am happy to pass this as a feature request to our engineering team and we will look into the possibility of supporting this in the future.