Flutter Video SDK error

I just added this library “flutter_zoom_videosdk: ^1.7.0” mentioned in ZoomVideo SDK docoumentaion.
Also Added services in manifest file as mentioned in Docs. I am getting this error when I run app. I did not added any code.

cannot access ZoomVideoSDKDelegate
flutterEngine.getPlugins().add(new com.flutterzoom.videosdk.FlutterZoomVideoSdkPlugin());
class file for us.zoom.sdk.ZoomVideoSDKDelegate not found

You got the solution ?

No I still haven’t found any solution.

Have you managed you implemented zoom by any other way ?

No I haven’t implemented tried different library its not working either

Have you tried to implement it on Native android ? and use method channel to call in flutter ?

No I did not tried that I simply followed documentation and just included package in my app . After running app I got this error

@mohsinishtiaq.abbasi Any luck in integration for flutter? Did you implement it finally?

No still stuck at this

Implemented it its working fine.
Added these lines in android/app/build.gradle
android {
lintOptions {
checkReleaseBuilds false
dependencies {
implementation “us.zoom.videosdk:ZoomVideoSDK:1.7.0”
} and added this package in pubsec flutter_zoom_videosdk: ^1.7.0

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By adding these two lines it is not working for me

Still not working after adding these two lines