Flutter_zoom_sdk in Flutter app


I am trying to setup flutter_zoom_sdk package in my flutter app. So, firstly I try to run it in android device but I get the following error
[Meeting Status Stream] : MEETING_STATUS_UNKNOWN - Version of ZoomSDK is too low
I will attach an screen shot of it

So, the meeting start and try to connect after that it end with the previous error .

so now your package which is **flutter_zoom_sdk ** don’t work
here is the link of package repository which got the following error

So, Please help me as fast as possible.

Hi, @Diet_Hub,

Currently, we do not support Flutter, so we are limited in how we can help with build-related issues. If you are able to reproduce this in a native Android app, we would be able to better assist. It seems the error you are getting is because the SDK is building with an outdated Android SDK version. The minimum SDK version for Andriod SDK is 5.9. More details on this requirement can be found on the Announcements page :

SDK Minimum Version Policy Link

That aside, I’d imagine that you updating the Android SDK version would resolve the MEETING_STATUS_UNKNOWN error. Can you share what current version of the Zoom SDK is integrated so I can confirm if is supported?

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