Flutter zoom video SDK integration not working

We have used flutter_zoom_videosdk 1.7.0. plugin (flutter_zoom_videosdk | Flutter Package).

We are facing some issues with the plugin flutter zoom VideoSdk 1.7.0. It’s still using JWT app-type token. Now we are unable to use the JWT token because that is deprecated. We are using the Server-to-Server OAuth token. What we did is simply replaced the JWT token with Server to server Oauth Token.
It’s showing an invalid param issue.(ZoomVideoSDKError_Session_Invalid_Param).
The code for reference where we are facing issues is:-
JoinSessionConfig joinSession = JoinSessionConfig(
sessionName: args.sessionName,
sessionPassword: args.sessionPwd,
token: token,
userName: args.displayName,
audioOptions: SDKaudioOptions,
videoOptions: SDKvideoOptions,
sessionIdleTimeoutMins: int.parse(args.sessionIdleTimeoutMins),
await zoom.joinSession(joinSession);

Also, we are not sure which token to use out of Server to server Oauth token or OAuth type token.

Also if there is any sample app for Flutter that is using the server-to-server Oauth token or OAuth type token or if there is any implementation doc please provide it will be very helpful.

@evolvevocational ,

For the authentication of SDK, you will need to use the SDK Key and SDK Secret on marketplace.zoom.us to sign a JWT token. This is not deprecated.

This is not to be confused with JWT App Type, which is a totally different application altogether.

Hi @chunsiong.zoom

We have generated a JWT token from the Meeting SDK client Id and client secret. (Meeting SDK Auth). Then we added Token in our flutter code. after that tried to start a meeting. but Got some errors like onError, error: ZoomVideoSDKError_JoinSession_Token_NoSessionName.

@evolvevocational ,

Meeting SDK is a different product from Video SDK. The ID and secret from Meeting SDK will not work for Video SDK.

You should download video sdk for flutter on marketplace.zoom.us

If you are unable to find flutter sdk on marketplace.zoom.us after signing in, you will need to sign up for a video SDK account here Buy it now - Zoom

Hi @chunsiong.zoom

I am not able to find the Zoom video SDK login link. I have already purchased zoom video SDK.
can you pls help me?

Hi @evolvevocational

For video sdk, you will need to sign in to these portal with the specific email address you used when purchasing.

Zoom.us (used for video sdk related user and account settings)
Marketplace.zoom.us (used for video sdk download and app management)

I am trying to integrate zoom with flutter and receiving the following error

[!] The ‘Pods-Runner’ target has transitive dependencies that include statically linked binaries: (ZoomVideoSDK)

Hi @chunsiong.zoom

I am using Zoom vide SDK. And I am trying to switch the video myself to the remote user in full view using onSelectedUser(users.value[index]) this method. but in full view showing myself video view. can you please help me with this?

Hi @vikeykumar9565

Have face any issues for black video when multiple user are connected in call. currently I am facing black view issues means video not rendered. Regarding full video view you need to use unique key for selected userId. so vide will create new widget when user selection changes.


How did you manage to fix the issue?

It seems like you’re encountering a black video issue when multiple users are connected in a call. This issue arises when the video is not rendered, resulting in a black screen. To address this, ensure that each user’s video view is uniquely identified with a key tied to their selected user ID. By using unique keys for selected user IDs, the video widget will create a new view when the user selection changes, resolving the black video problem. This approach should help ensure that all participants’ videos are properly rendered during the call.