Failed to join session on Android

We are trying the example coming with ZOOM flutter Video SDK 1.7.0

The example app works fine on Android emulator.

However, it fails to join session on a real Android phone with following error:
D/ZoomVideoSdkDebug(16138): onError, error: ZoomVideoSDKError_Session_Join_Failed

There is no more hint about why session join failed from log.

Could Zoom dev team please help?

could you or other Zoom video sdk flutter expert please comment?

Let me get back to you on this @su.jinyan0

@su.jinyan0 ,

could you try replacing this section of the code in example/lib/utils/jwt.dart?

  • shifted the iat (start time) to 5 mins earlier
  • made the exp (expiry) more precise

String generateJwt(String sessionName, String roleType) {
  try {
    var iat = -5));
    var exp = iat.add(Duration(days: 2));
    final jwt = JWT(
        'app_key': configs["ZOOM_SDK_KEY"],
        'version': 1,
        'user_identity': makeId(10),
        'iat': (iat.millisecondsSinceEpoch / 1000).round(),
        'exp': (exp.millisecondsSinceEpoch / 1000).round(),
        'tpc': sessionName,
        'role_type': int.parse(roleType),
        'cloud_recording_option': 1,
    var token = jwt.sign(SecretKey(configs["ZOOM_SDK_SECRET"]));
    return token;
  } catch (e) {
    return '';

@su.jinyan0, can you please assist me how you can fix this issues for join session?