Founder can not enter the meeting

A meeting we created by API, the meeting time is 6:00-23:00,  6:00 founder go into the meeting, everything is normal, but quit after the meeting,  12:00 the founder  through the original link into the meeting, can not enter, there will be a zoom login page, we found that enter the conference links changed, so enter the link time-limited? Was it changed after a period of time? we need to get the new association link in real time yes?

我们通过API创建的一个会议,会议时间为 6:00-23:00, 建会者 6:00的时候进入会议,一切正常,但是中间退出会议后,12:00再此通过原来的链接进入会议,无法进入,会出现zoom的登录页面,我们发现进入会议的链接变了,所以进入会议的链接是有时效性的吗?是一段时间后是改变的吗?

zpk is valid for 2 hours and the “start_url” is created by zpk, so this happens if you join meeting via “start_url”