'From' date in request doesn't match 'from' in response

I’m requesting recordings from the API with the requests library in python. The issue I’m having is that the ‘from’ in the response I receive does not match the ‘from’ I am sending in the request, so that recordings on certain dates cannot be downloaded by my script. My script sends hundreds of requests, and the responses for the vast majority have ‘from’ in the response matching the ‘from’ in the request. For requests in ‘from’ in February, the dates do not match.

These logs show the params I use in my request, and the response I receive. The ‘from’ fields don’t match.

==> params: {‘userId’: ‘REDACTED’, ‘page_size’: 300, ‘from’: datetime.date(2020, 2, 27), ‘to’: datetime.date(2020, 3, 28)}
==> response {‘from’: ‘2020-02-28’, ‘to’: ‘2020-03-28’, ‘page_count’: 0, ‘page_size’: 0, ‘total_records’: 0, ‘next_page_token’: ‘’, ‘meetings’: }

==> params: {‘userId’: ‘REDACTED’, ‘page_size’: 300, ‘from’: datetime.date(2020, 2, 17), ‘to’: datetime.date(2020, 3, 18)}
==> response {‘from’: ‘2020-02-18’, ‘to’: ‘2020-03-18’, ‘page_count’: 0, ‘page_size’: 0, ‘total_records’: 0, ‘next_page_token’: ‘’, ‘meetings’: }

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/’ + email + ‘/recordings’

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
The issue seems to happen for dates any request with a ‘from’ in February

Hi @thomas2,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

In taking a look at your example, I understand that this seems like it may be a result of the February dates, specifically. Our LIST Recordings endpoint’s to/from parameters can only accept a range with a maximum of 1 month—it seems like perhaps this is being affected by the to parameter somehow. Is it possible to share the exact request URLs you were using for this? This will help to take a closer look.

I’ve just sent you a DM if you’re able to share this with me there.


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