Get email of user inside getAttendeeslist()

We are moving a c# sdk app to webapp

i can’t see a method to identify or get the user email

the web sdk structure is :

userId: 123456678
participantId: 123456
userName: "Username"
muted: true
audio: ""
isHost: true

userId and participantId change so we cannot consider this field to externally identify an user.

with webhook :

"participant": {
        "id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx-thCA",
        "user_id": "1234567890",
        "user_name": "username",
        "join_time": "2020-04-02T14:47:33Z"

in a c++ sdk the structure is more completed and include Email:

 public interface IUserInfoDotNetWrap
        AudioType GetAudioJoinType();
        string GetEmail();
        uint GetUserID();
        string GetUserNameW();
        UserRole GetUserRole();
        bool IsAudioMuted();
        bool IsHost();
        bool IsInWaitingRoom();
        bool IsMySelf();
        bool IsPurePhoneUser();
        bool IsRaiseHand();
        bool IsVideoOn();

so the question is:

How i can get the user email without use c++ sdk ?


Hi @f.barone,

Right now we do not provide the user email in the getAttendeesList() API or Webhooks. If the user is within your account then you can use the ID to get the email within your Get users REST API[1].

1 -