GET /metrics/meetings endpoint returning invalid access token


We have an education account with zoom, and we are trying to access GET /metrics/meetings endpoint to get the list of meetings. We are getting the following response:

“{"code":4700,"message":"Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [dashboard:read:admin, dashboard_meetings:read:admin]."}”

I am assuming this could be because we don’t have enough privileges the endpoint?

Please let us know how to proceed further.

Thank you.

Hello @regea,

You are correct in your assumption. The error message you’re encountering indicates that the access token you’re using lacks the necessary scopes: dashboard:read:admin and dashboard_meetings:read:admin. These scopes are essential for accessing the GET /metrics/meetings endpoint.

To resolve this issue, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify Account Permissions: Ensure that your Zoom user account has the required admin privileges to access these scopes. If not, you may need to contact your account administrator for the necessary permissions.
  2. Update Marketplace App Scopes: Once you have the required privileges, go to your Zoom Marketplace app and add the mentioned scopes (dashboard:read:admin and dashboard_meetings:read:admin) to it.
  3. Generate a New Access Token: After updating the scopes in your app, generate a new access token. This token will include the newly added scopes.
  4. Retry the API Call: Use the new access token to make the GET /metrics/meetings API call. With the correct scopes in place, your API request should now be successful.