Get null object for getInMeetingservice every time

public void onMeetingEvent(int meetingEvent, int errorCode, int internalErrorCode) {
if (meetingEvent == MeetingEvent.MEETING_CONNECTED) {
InMeetingService inMeetingService = this.zoomSDK.getInMeetingService();
Log.e(“object details”,""+inMeetingService);
} else if (meetingEvent == MeetingEvent.MEETING_CONNECT_FAILED && errorCode == MeetingError.MEETING_ERROR_CLIENT_INCOMPATIBLE) {
CommonFunctions.showToast(mActivity, “Version of ZoomSDK is too low!”);
} else if (meetingEvent == MeetingEvent.MEETING_DISCONNECTED || meetingEvent == MeetingEvent.MEETING_CONNECT_FAILED) {
startActivity(new Intent(mActivity, HomeScreen.class));

Help me out

You can get a InMeetingService object only if your code is running in meeting process. In main process, it will return a null. See zoom sdk help document: (section 11).  For how to let code run in meeting process, please check our sdk demo example2.