Get Past Meeting Details Definitions

How are duration and total_minutes defined in the Get Past Meeting Details endpoint?

My company has been seeing very obscure data for both of these numbers that don’t align with what’s being self reported from our employees.

Hi @jake6

Welcome to our community and thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
As explained in our docs, the duration is the meeting’s duration and the total_minutes is the sum of the minutes attended by the host and all participants
Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 6.24.28 PM

When you said you have seeing obscure data of there numbers, could you provide an example?

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Is the duration marked as the time that the Zoom first opens to when it is ended by the host? If someone joins early, then leaves, then comes back, how is duration calculated? If one person never leaves the meeting, will duration be calculated indefinitely?

An example is this uuid: zqwOQVz4SICJFcLY41JdiA==

The duration is reported as 52 minutes, though I know from the host that it was no longer than 20 minutes. Is it possible that the other person in the Zoom never exited, so that it continued to count time until they left?

Hi @jake6

Thanks for sharing more details with me.
For the specific meeting uuid that you shared, I was able to look into our logs and it looks like one participant joined more than 30 minutes before than the other (if this participant was not the host but the meeting had the option to let participants join before host, so the duration will be calculated with the participant who joins first)

Hope this helps clarifying.


Hi Elisa, thanks for looking into it. In the data we got back from zoom, it says our total_minutes is 53 for this meeting, while the duration is 52. Is there any way we could actually receive the amount of time that both participants were in the meeting?

Is there another endpoint where we can get all of the sessions that users were in the meeting? For instance, is there an endpoint that provides us the enter and exit datetime of all participants?

Hey @jake6
Some discrepancies could be because we round up or down the minutes.

Have you tried using one of our Dashboard Endpoints?

You could also try our Reports endpoint and look into the array response:

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Hi Elisa,

I’m another engineer on Jake’s team. Wanted to add a clarifying point to the message above:
We have the duration as 52, total_minutes as 53, but we know that the meeting was only around 20 minutes. You’ve corroborated that data by pointing out that on your end, you can see that someone only joined the meeting 30 minutes after the other person. Why, then, are we not getting back any metric that accurately reports this to us? Neither the 52 (duration) nor the 53 (total_minutes) are an accurate representation of time that both the host and the participant were in the meeting.

Is your data for this meeting in particular telling you something different? Is there some other way we could be getting this data accurately?


Hi Elisa,

Was wondering if we could get a bump on Leora’s questions from above? They would provide valuable insight to the team

Hi @leora

I was able to track down the meeting in our logs and it looks like one of the participants joined at 3:51pm and left at 4:42pm which adds up to the 52 minute duration

And the second participant was joined for only one minute from 4:41pm to o4:42pm, which then adds up to the total_duration of 53minutes

I would suggest you to use the Dashboard List meeting participant endpoint here

And look into the join_time and leave_time field for each participant
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Hi @elisa.zoom ,

I’ve been playing around with the zoom API link you sent to try to get this information, and it’s not working for me.
When I use the /past_meetings/${meetingId} url, I see the data I expect.
When I change this to the /metrics/meetings/${meetingId}/participants endpoint, I’m not getting any results. Whether or not I add ?type=past, I’m seeing this (example meeting id included):

"url":"","status":404,"data":{"code":3001,"message":"Meeting does not exist: 88122943471."},

I’ve also tried to put in the uuid instead of the id, dgjbCPAGQQyFSFFcJQQDWA==, and am seeing the same thing.
I know this meeting Id definitely does exist, because I’m getting the correct data from the past_meetings endpoint.

Any advice?


Hi @Leora

It looks like the meeting uuid that you are trying to query had only one participant.
Instead of calling it with the query parameter type=past, please try again with pastOne

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