Daily Usage Report

Can someone please clarify how the new users, meetings and participants calculated in the “Daily Usage Report”?

In relation to participants in meetings, we have noticed that zoom counts participants multiple times. For example if a participant drops out from the meeting due to network failure and then reconnects, zoom counts as two participants rather than one.So, what we are noticing in participants in meetings, is actually the number of attempts by participants as zoom assigns different ids. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Also I believe the total minutes is calculated as per your documentation in marketplace, the total time spent by host + total time spent by all participants. Please correct me if it is calculated differently.

Greatly appreciate your feedback as we are trying to do some analytics around zoom data.


Hi @dinu, this is expected behavior. When a participant drops from a meeting, then joins again, this is a unique participant event. If the user is not authenticated and is unknown to the host’s account, the participant ID will be unique and will be anonymized from their userID. If a registration link is used, the participant ID will match the registrant ID of the user.

Yes, you are correct on total minutes. For scheduled time of the meeting, you can use duration. For
the actual time of the meeting, you will need to use start_time and end_time, or the join / leave times of each participant.

Thanks very much for the clarification! Dinu

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Let us know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


Thanks Tommy!
By any chance is there a glossary of zoom terms for all variables output in API extractions?

Kind Regards

Hey @dinu,

We don’t have a glossary per say, but each property has an explanation on each endpoint page in the schema.

You can also check our abbreviation lists doc:


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