GET /past_meetings/{meetingUUID} does not include user_name as doc suggests


The API documentation suggests that /past_meetings/uuid should include user_name in the response.

In reality, it does not.


Hi @samly,

The user_name should be included in the response. Can you share the response that you’ve received?


Michael, this seems to be inconsistent. I have a set of meetings where the user_name never populates, but others where it does:

  { //yes user_name:
    "uuid": "aNno0Iu0RZWC1iVNsawqjg==",
    "id": 8678726433,
    "host_id": "0FoEv1EiRfSQlRROf8yCeA",
    "type": 4,
    "topic": "private's Personal Meeting Room",
    "user_name": "correct name",
    "user_email": "",
    "start_time": "2019-03-02T05:33:59Z",
    "end_time": "2019-03-02T07:18:38Z",
    "duration": 105,
    "total_minutes": 105,
    "participants_count": 1
  {  // No user_name:
    "uuid": "rhRpg3oPTHuIWgvB1P6/ww==",
    "id": 416596654,
    "host_id": "uB13WTCIT-iFb0uAfhiLyQ",
    "type": 8,
    "topic": "private topic",
    "user_email": "",
    "start_time": "2018-08-28T21:29:55Z",
    "end_time": "2018-08-28T23:42:38Z",
    "duration": 133,
    "total_minutes": 2062,
    "participants_count": 22


@samly, can you make sure that each host (host_id) of that particular meetings has a first and last name. If your’e using SSO, sometimes when the user is created they system only has the email and not their display name which is why we can’t return the user_name in the payload.



Yes, that user has a proper first and last name set.