Get pastJoined meeting reports join_time and leave_time aren't UTC

When using “GET /report/users/{userId}/meetings” with “pastJoined” returns join_time and leave_time in local time. Is this intentional? The start_time and end_time are in UTC when getting “past” reports. This is causing me to make an additional API call to the get the participant report to get the value in UTC. Is there a better way around this or is this a bug?

Hi @brianmolen ,

Could it be that the precedent was set by the settings used when creating the meeting?

Please see below from the Create a Meeting documentation:

These meetings were created and joined using the zoom android application and from the zoom web page in chrome. There is nothing special about how these are created. I would love to use the parameter get “pastJoined” but if I will need to use an additional API call for every meeting to be able to trust the time that is returned then I am going to hit the rate limit pretty quick. Like I said in the previous post the getting “past” with “GET /report/users/{userId}/meetings” does not have this problem. Using “GET /metrics/meetings” also does not have this issue.

Hi @brianmolen , I am unfamiliar with the reasoning behind this and will connect internally with the API team. Can you please share screenshots of the behavior you’re seeing in the examples you described in the private message I’ve started? Thanks.

A formal inquiry with our API team about this behavior has been opened (ZSEE-93226). Awaiting their response.

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Hi @brianmolen ,

Our API team has confirmed that this is indeed a bug and have escalated the issue further for rectification (ZOOM-538727).

Thank you for helping us optimize our APIs!

@gianni.zoom, Thanks! I appreciate your help on this. Is there a way for me to check on the status of this issue?