Timezone of start_time in past_meetings discrepancy


The value returned by past meetings’ start_time field after converting from its GMT to US EST does not seem to line up with the start time of the meeting according to the zoom website. Details:

According to this thread the list past meetings endpoint’s start_time field is in GMT.

I have a meeting ID 92677822925, and its only instance returned by the above has start_time of 21-10-27T16:29:58Z, so GMT like the thread above reports.

According to the zoom website UI, that specific meeting was started (scheduled to begin?) at 12:30 US EST, my account being EST timezone. Image: chrome_zPGG61KAKr.

However when I convert the start_time returned by the API above from GMT to US EST, I get 11:30 AM instead of 12:30 PM like the website reports. From memory I don’t recall me manually starting/joining as host the meeting prior to 12 PM.

Thank you!

Hi @Jman,

Thanks for reaching out about this. To clarify, there is a 1 hour difference, is that right?

I can see this meeting was held in October—this may be due to daylight savings. Do you see the same for a meeting held within the last week or two?


Hi Will, yes seems it was daylight savings with the 1 hour difference. Thanks for pointing out the oversight!

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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