Get poll results in real time data

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
poll in zoom is very powerful toll but… :slight_smile: one thing and i think most important is missing.
real time data from polls
Describe the solution you’d like
when a poll is and participant’s are voting. it would be grate if we can get real time data about the poll
via API. this feature can give the developers very powerful and instant data about the poll .
as for today u can only get poll report only after the meeting has ended.
i think it will be much more officiant if we can get the data in real time

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
if in some reason u cant give us real time data my be we can get the data after we end the poll and not the meeting ? :slight_smile:

Additional context


I very much want this feature, too.

In my particular use case, it’s fine if the data isn’t available until the poll is stopped, but I need to access the poll data while the meeting is ongoing. Basically make the same thing that’s currently available after the meeting from /past_meetings/{meetingId}/polls available during the meeting.

Our workaround is going to be painful–we plan on rigging a way for a meeting facilitator to screen-cap the poll results window and paste it into our app to be delivered via a chat mechanism.

+1 from my side. This feature would be a game changer for our meeting experience as well.