Real-time data for custom App

Is there a way to get real-time data similar to how it is done in the Zoom App’s Contact Center? We want to create a custom solution to show metrics in a customized way. The contact center API endpoints return data that tends to be a several minutes old. Is this possible?

Hi @omari.isaac we provide real time meetings data with our Quality of Service Subscription app and Dashboard API endpoints for Meeting and Phone. Is this the sort of real time data you’re looking for?

Hi @gianni.zoom. We are needing to get real-time data to use for a customized UI experience at a call center so we can see statistics for users in each queue. Similar to the Zoom App’s Contact Center, but with our own look and feel.

Hi @omari.isaac , did you get a chance to check the resources linked to confirm if the data returned is what you’d want to receive?

Or you specifically want the contact center analytics? That data is not provided for access via API so the items linked are the best options for real time data at the moment. I can check if the contact center analytics will be accessible via API some time down the line.

I ended up using Webhooks to get the real-time data

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Okay sounds good @omari.isaac – which ones?

The Contact Center API Events

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Okay thanks for sharing!