GET Single Registrant endpoint for Meetings and Webinars


Our team would like to purpose a ‘Get Registrant’ endpoint for Meetings and Webinars. Similar to the ‘List Registrants’ method, but that returns registrant data for a specified ‘registrant_id,’ rather than the entire list of registrants.

Use Case

We’d like to get a Participant’s email during a live Meeting/Webinar, but email is currently not provided in the Participant Joined webhook payload (a feature request for that has been submitted here: Add Email to Participant Joined Payload. A ‘Get Registrant’ request would allow our system to quickly determine the email address after receiving a Participant payload. That allows us to bypass excessive ‘List Registrant’ calls and/or reduce the amount of customization required in caching ‘registrant_id’ -> ‘email’ for each Webinar/Meeting we integrate with.

Please let us know if this is possible, thank you!

Big plus one here… another use case:

We add registrants to a meeting or webinar with approval_type set to 1 (manual approval). In this case, the join_url is not provided, since the registrant is pending. This is to prevent registrations outside our software.

Now, we need to first approve the registrant, and then find their record to get the join_url which potentially means having to go through 1000s of records to find the one bit of info, which would be easily achieved with a single GET statement.

On that note… adding a registrant with a pre-determined status (e.g. add a registrant auto-approved regardless) would also fix my issue, but still think a single call for a registrant info is useful.

We also want to retrieve registrants upon registration and pass the unique meeting URL to our CRM.

Can’t find anything in the documentation.