Get stream from conference to transcribe

We are building an application, which transcribes audio and performs analytics on the transcript. We would like to integrate it with zoom. What we are looking for is, our application dial into the conference and get the real-time audio and do the transcription real-time. Our transcription engine supports, rtsp, WebSocket interfaces. It is a doable idea? can someone please help?

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Can you please file a ticket regarding your query with Zoom Support? You can send them an email at or contact them here?

I created the ticket ( REQUEST #1116914) , but no response till today.

Hi, have you find a solution ?
I also want to access audio stream for live transcription.
I want to know a basic way to develop live transcription app with zoom.
I think the knowledge is helpful for many.

Hi @kouohhashi,

I recommend checking out our Closed Caption API here:


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