get the current meeting number

Good, I am developing an application in ionic, I am implementing zoom, I can start an instant meeting without any problem, my question is how do I get the number of that meeting to be able to include another user from the application?

Which version?
I use the latest zoom version for ionic

Hi @dubeyangulo,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Currently there is no interface to get meeting number automatically. You may find it in the meeting UI. I will pass this as a feature request to the engineering team.



I’m also interested in this feature. Is there a solution ?


I did not find, I had to enable the option that the user sent the invitation by email


This feature is not yet available in the current Ionic SDK. The feature request has been made to the engineering team and we will add it in the future releases.



Do you have any ETA for this feature?

Is it already included in the last release?

Thanks !

Hi @thomas.fritsch,

Currently I do not have an ETA for this. I will keep you updated.