Unable to join meeting from ionic app


I am unable to join meeting from the app running ionic SDK since morning.

It was working fine till Saturday.

Now after clicking join meeting. It start showing preparing meeting page.
Then i get success message and it comes back to join meeting page .

Unable to join the meeting.

I have checked if any update is rolled out but couldn’t find any on github.

Please check the issue.


Same happening to me. After Preparing Meeting page the zoom webview automatically closes

This is a critical issue and requires an immediate action.
This issue also persists with the sample app provided by zoom

Zoom team,

Please update on this issue at the earliest.


Facing the same issue on our public app as well. Anyone from Zoom can comment on this?

Same issue here, cannot join a meeting from Android/iOS anymore since this morning.

Doing a debug, the SDK is fully initialized, it connects, then it immediately receive a “status change” event with the “disconnecting” status.

Please fix it ASAP, thanks!


We also faced the same issue. but luckily we had planned for a Zoom SDK upgrade. In version 5.9, it’s working fine, I can confirm. but on the older version, it’s not working.

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There is no update available for ionic.

Which version are you talking about? Is it for ionic plugin?

Issue resolved now.
If there is any update please provide the updated sdk.

Hey, How is it resolved?

It is resolved automatically. I haven’t done anything. When i tried today it was working.

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I have integrate this on my website to connect with my audience but am also facing the same issue.

GitHub - zoom/sample-app-ionic: Zoom Ionic SDK sample app ? Can you please just let me know will it be useful for me to bring some changes on a website for best work boots for concrete surfaces through this ?

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