Mac OS [v4.4.55130.0712]

<ZoomSDKMeetingItem: 0x7fe083de1fc0>
getInviteEmailContent return null I have a meetingNum as a paramer to call getMeetingItem

You need send the correct meeting unique id to ‘- (ZoomSDKMeetingItem*)getMeetingItem:(long long)meetingUniqueID’, not the meeting number.

HI Derain_Yuan
I. send the correct meeting unique id to ‘- (ZoomSDKMeetingItem*)getMeetingItem:(long long)meetingUniqueID’ . The meetingUniqueID like ‘a8053ada-6134-4bfe-9f90-1847ce75a315’. but no effect so I think I need you helper

The correct meeting unique id is type of long long, what you send is wrong. You can get ZoomSDKMeetingItem or meeting unique id from delegate ‘’- (void)onListMeeting:(NSNotification*)notification".

I get MeetingId by Backend interface, this has a value as meetingNo is type of long long .
I used it but no effect so

Please follow what I said before, get the correct meeting unique id, not meeting id from the callback delegate.

follow what your said. I can do it. but now. we schedule meeting by API so what I can do to get getInviteEmailContent

Hi wangh,

Thanks for the reply. By summarizing Derain’s answers above, here are the steps to get getInviteEmailContent

  1. Call the - (ZoomSDKError)listMeeting; interface to list meetings
  2. Implement the - (void)onListMeeting:(ZoomSDKPremeetingError)error MeetingList:(NSArray*)meetingList; delegate, upon success, you will have a list of meeting information. Find the desire meeting, and get the Unique ID of the meeting (make sure it is a long data type, the Unique ID is not a 10 digit numbers like 1234567890, and those you are seeing in the Zoom client)
  3. Pass the Unique ID of the meeting to - (ZoomSDKMeetingItem*)getMeetingItem:(long long)meetingUniqueID
  4. The above method should provide a valid Meeting Item that contains the desired information for you to get invite email content.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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