Zoom Rest API - Get Meeting by Id

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    When we create a meeting using create meeting API it return two type of ids in response i.e “uuid”: “unique_id”, “id”: “123456789”. While fetching meeting by Id we need to pass meeting id for get meeting api call, so if I pass value received as “uuid” it gives error but if I pass value received in “id” it works fine. But document is bit confusing, as it says to pass “unique_id” not the “123456789”. Please have a look.

Doc link -: https://zoom.github.io/api/#get-meeting-info

  1. Please check screen shot of response of create meeting API in doc.

  1. Please check screen shot for get meeting API -: 


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Adding a +1 to Priyank Kotiyal’s post.

“ID” vs “UUID” vs “Unique ID” vs “Meeting ID” are used in different places in the documentation, which is confusing when planning out a series of calls.



Will get docs update, it should be id (meeting number)

Hi joshua,
That will be great.

@joshua, I’ve been writing against this api and it’s the uuid that needs to get passed, not the meeting id.  This makes sense as meeting id’s are recycled, no?

upddate: Just looked at the docs again.  It looks like the description has been updated, but I would change meeting_id to uuid and updadte the referenced curl example on the far right



I tried with UUID and get an error back, have to use id (meeting number)

Not sure where you see meeting_id at

ahh, I see.  This IS NOT the dashboard api endpoint.  

I saw this post in passing and noticed a similar discrepancy here: https://zoom.github.io/api/#get-meeting-detail