getMicList always returns empty array

Stream.getMicList() is returning an empty array, even when navigator.mediaDevices.enumerateDevice() returns several speakers and microphones

Browser Console Error
Logging out the result of getMicList results in an empty array

Which Web Video SDK version?

Video SDK Code Snippets

      map(stream => stream?.getMicList()),
      tap(list => console.warn('mics', list))

Using rxJS to control access to the stream object, but it is populated and seems to be valid. I can call startAudio on it just fine. Calling this first does not seem to resolve the issue

Troubleshooting Routes
Tried starting audio first, or passing in the native device ID t oswitchMicrophone

Device (please complete the following information):
Latest Chrome and Brave browsers

Hey @bradley.dotnet

Thanks for your feedback.

stream.getMicList() is almost the same as the navigator.mediaDevices.enumerateDevice(), but it’s a synchronous function.

As you know, the label of the media devices is empty until permission is granted.

In Video SDK, in order to have a consistent return value, the stream.getMicList() will return an empty array until the user starts video/audio or the devices change.

Using stream.switchMicrophone method to switch to the specific mic if you want.


Ok, I thought I tried that but apparently not the right way. Doing it again does show the microphones after I call startAudio.

Is there a way to get the permission check without calling that? My goal was to provide a “join dialog” that also let the user pick their devices. The side-effect is that it enforces a user action before calling startAudio on a refresh of the page which doesn’t work if I need it for the dropdown.

Obviously I could start the audio then mute it, but that seems like a bit of a workaround. It also doesn’t accomodate the lack of a user action without trying to lazy-load the dropdown (which then begs the question, how do I get the initial label).

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hey @bradley.dotnet

We do provide an API ZoomVideo.getDevices() to get the devices list. It can be called before joining the session.


Ah thanks. Looks like that has basically the same response as enumerateDevice. The device IDs are the same as getMicList so I’m guessing I just needed to start the audio before calling stream.switchMicrophone (previously it said that I had an invalid device ID there.

I’ll keep testing but thanks for the quick help!

Hey @bradley.dotnet


Thanks for sharing your solution.


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