GetParticipantId missing from Windows SDK

I am trying to get the participant id from the windows SDK. The participantId is used to link a participant who has joined via video to the same participant which has joined the meeting by telephone.

According to this changelog, a method GetParticipantId was added to the windows SDK in version 5.2.41727.0928. It was added to the IUserInfo object.

However, lookin in meeting_participants_ctrl_interface.h for the most recent version (zoom-sdk-windows- I do not see this method. I looked through the rest of the change logs and did not see any mention of its removal.

Was it accidentally removed at some point in the past or is its removal intentional? If it was intentional was there any reason behind its removal?

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

Has anyone looked into this? I think it would be helpful to be able to get the participantId whle using the Windows SDK since it appears that other platforms are able to retrieve it.

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