Get unique user id

I want to get a unique participant identifier for all the meetings and for every person that join a meeting so I can get a register for the same user in multiple meetings
I see that the actual userId can change from a meeting to other for the same user

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
I’m using zoom-c-sharp-wrapper-

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. join a meeting,
  2. get the participants ids
  3. end the meeting
  4. join another meeting
  5. get the same participant id for the same user

Hi @fboncini,

Tracking users across sessions can be done under some circumstances, but is not always possible. The Meeting SDK allows you to provide a customer_key, so you can track users across multiple meetings if they’re joining through your SDK app.

There is also the option of tracking meeting participants through the REST API, which can provide the participant ID of a user if they are joining through their Zoom account.

If there are users who are joining without logging into Zoom and are not joining through an SDK app that provides a customer key, there is no way to track the same user across multiple meetings.


Thanks for the answer

Can I get the participants ids while the meeting is in progress with the REST API?

Hi @fboncini,

I would recommend asking over in the #api-and-webhooks category, as this is unrelated to the SDK’s functionality. :slightly_smiling_face:


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