Getting auto muted when joining a second meeting

When I am joining a second meeting of a session (one client init() call) I am getting passively muted. I am also the only one in the meeting. When listening to the current-audio-change event I see the {action: “join” type: “Computer”} then immediately after I get {action: “muted”, source: “passive(mute one)”}. Any thoughts on why this is happening or how I can prevent it? This doesn’t happen on the first meeting, but does for every subsequent meeting.

Which Web Video SDK version?
Javascript SDK 1.0.3

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. zoom.createClient()
  2. client.init()
  3. client.join(meeting1) (first meeting)
  4. client.startAudio()
  5. client.leave()
  6. client.join(meeting2) (second meeting)
  7. client.startAudio()

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Electron Chrome browser

Hey @ephraimwwt ,

Thanks for sharing this with us. We will investigate and report back on what the issue is. (CS-3328)


Thank you for your help

You are welcome! I will keep you updated on what we find.


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Hey @ephraimwwt ,

We have found the root cause of this issue. It will be fixed in version 1.1.3. Stay updated here: