Getting { "code": 124, "message": "This API does not support client credentials for authorization."} when using the token previously obtained


We are migrating from jwt to oauth. After following all the steps, we are able to get a token, but when we try to use this token to make requests on meetings o webinars we always get:

{ “code”: 124, “message”: “This API does not support client credentials for authorization.”}

That’s the response when we ask for a token:

“access_token”: “…Sz7dV7C1OQj57sxGYK38Em-wYzwoSANRrGTV2BkX672…”,
“token_type”: “bearer”,
“expires_in”: 3599,
“scope”: “webinar:master webinar:write:admin meeting:read:admin webinar:read:admin meeting:write:admin meeting:master”

Can you tell us if there’s something wrong or how to fix the problem?

Welcome, @arturo.sanchez ,

Thank. you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. To begin, could you share the endpoint which returned that response ? Also, can you share if you are building OAuth or Server-to-server Marketplace App? >

Hey @donte.zoom I’m trying to call meeting API “” with jwt token generated with SDKKey and SDKSecret , but getting { “code”: 124,“message”: “Access token is expired.” } every time, any idea why ?


Thanks for the clarification. Can you share if your Meeting SDK marketplace App type has one or two sets of credentials?


Zoom Documentation :

I can see SDK credentials and OAuth credentials both in my “sdkoauthcredentials” page. Should I use clientId and Client Secret ?

In my app when used adds a zoom meetings URL , I need to verify if the zoom URL is valid ,so we are calling meetings api to get the meeting details. previously we were using jwt app type and as that’s depricated we started using SDK app type.

Okay, can you use the OAuth credentials when making the call to the Zoom API endpoint?

Also, here is the chart which provides more details about the Zoom Marketplace App types:

Understanding app types