Getting error: "code": 2031 while executing get api for zoom phone

While executing Zoom phone API, we are receiving error " " code": 2031, “message”: "Zoom Phone has not been enabled for this account ."}. Kindly assist us on this, so that we can successfully get the data.

Note: Scope for ZOOM phone has been enabled and App Type is OAuth.

Hi @amlesh.sengar

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
I believe that this error is could be cause because the account associated with the OAuth app does not have a Zoom Plan added to the account.

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HI Elisa,

Please advise, how can we add Zoom Plan to the account associated ?

Thank you for quick response.

Harsh Vardhan

Hi @amlesh.sengar

Here you will find some useful information about it:

If you need any help regarding this, feel free to reach out to our Support team here:


Please actually investigate the issue instead of posting random guesses. I have the same problem (except for using JWT instead of OAuth). My account (a) is a zoom phone admin (b) has a plan associated.

Did you ever actually try this? I did, yesterday. I got a more-or-less-random canned reply and a request to re-submit the problem to The answer I got from there displayed, I am sorry to say, that the person who replied didn’t actually read my question and thus was singularly unhelpful.

Correction: simply forwarding an issue to developersupport@zoom doesn’t actually work because the email still gets attached to the original dialog. I had to create an entirely new message that does not refer to the original support ticket. Sigh.

Hey @matthias.u
I have picked up your ticket from our queue and will be working directly with you from there!

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