Getting error "Invalid api key or secret" while creating webinar using api with key and secret key from the valid account


Actually, we are using some other license details with version 1 api methods for creating the webinar and meeting and that is still working fine.

Now, we have using the free trial version license and its key and secret key to create webinar and meeting with the version v1 api methods and getting this error “Invalid api key or secret.”

Can you track the given request and find out the where is the gap actually. Please guide us on the same.

Please guide us on the same.

zoom id :
Api Key : 0MD3jMTVRIG_OxbMC5Fi3g
Api Secret : redacted
Host Id : kknbMs3STjqh3fYec58I9g

Request : &option_registration = true

Output Error:
{“error”:{“code”:200,“message”:“Invalid api key or secret.”}}

Hey @ashishk,

Try switching your user to “Pro” in your user settings. You have the free trail which is good, but your user needs to be at least a pro user to use APIs (free while in free trial).

Let me know if it works after you make this change.