Getting error when joining meeting: VideoSDKError Session Invalid Param


Hello everyone,

I am trying to integrate the zoom video SDK into my flutter app, so far I have been able to initialize the SDK succesfully and generate a JWT to join a meeting, however after trying to join I get the following logs:

join session success
Error 2014 5002

I have manually set the info to:

JoinArguments args = JoinArguments(false, “Disruptive”, “session123”, “Heriberto Juárez”,“10”, “0”);

 JoinArguments args = JoinArguments(
    displayName: "Disruptive",
    isJoin: true,
    roleType: "1", 
    sessionName: "Disruptive", 
    sessionPwd: "session123", 
    sessionTimeout: "10"

      Map<String, bool> SDKaudioOptions = {"connect": true, "mute": true, "autoAdjustSpeakerVolume": false};
      Map<String, bool> SDKvideoOptions = {
        "localVideoOn": true,
      JoinSessionConfig joinSession = JoinSessionConfig(
        sessionName: args.sessionName,
        sessionPassword: args.sessionPwd,
        token: token,
        userName: args.displayName,
        audioOptions: SDKaudioOptions,
        videoOptions: SDKvideoOptions,
        sessionIdleTimeoutMins: int.parse(args.sessionTimeout),
      await zoom.joinSession(joinSession);