Getting error while building ionic android app with meeting SDK 5.9.0

I am trying to build ionic app with meeting SDK 5.9.0.

I have updated the files as per the instrutions provided below

Copy platform SDK files into Ionic directory

Copy the platform SDK files into the appropriate directory:

  • For iOS, navigate to Sample&Libs-DeviceOnly/lib and copy all the frameworks and bundles to the libs/ios folder in the Ionic directory.
  • For Android, navigate to mobilertc-android-studio and copy the aar files in mobilertc and commonlib into libs/android in the Ionic directory. Also add the dependencies specified in the build.gradle file in mobilertc to src/android/build-extra.gradle.

I am getting following error while building aandroid app

platforms\android\app\src\main\java\cordova\plugin\zoom\Zoom\ error: cannot find symbol
int response = mZoomSDK.loginWithZoom(username, password);
symbol: method loginWithZoom(String,String)
location: variable mZoomSDK of type ZoomSDK

Please help.

The Meeting SDK from 5.9 and above changes the authentication method. You now need to do the SDK Auth.

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