Getting IMs related to a single 1:1 session

Hi to everybody,
I am trying to integrate zoom into my system but I still need to be able to download all the chat messages exchanged between two users during a zoom 1:1 session.
How can I do this? The IM APIs doesn’t seem to return anything useful…

Thank you,

Hi @matteo,

You can consider using the Retrieve IM Sessions API to get the session id. Your request URL format would be something like this:

After getting the session ID, you can consider using the Retrieve IM Chat Messages API to get the chat messages within that session.
The request URL format would be:

If you have already tried the above steps and still facing issues, can you please elaborate them in more details, so that I can provide specific recommendations?

Hi Ojus,
thank you for your reply!
Yes, I already tried what you said, but the Retrieve IM Sessions API didn’t seem to return any data…
I’ll try to explain my scenario:

I am creating a website that, through APIs, manages 1:1 sessions of a Zoom User by scheduling new ones and eventually dismissing other ones. Then, when the time of the session occurs, it shows both to the registered Zoom User and to its counterpart a way to open zoom (or a web page with the zoom sdk in it). These two persons, during the session, might exchange some messages through the chat.

I would like to retrieve this chat, but the Retrieve IM Sessions API always returns an empty array… even if I put a huge timeframe related to a period where there have been lots of videoconference sessions (each one of them with its own set of chat messages). This is the data I get:

	"from": "2019-04-16",
	"to": "2019-05-16",
	"page_size": 30,
	"next_page_token": "",
	"sessions": []

What am I doing wrong? I also tried to enable the “automatically save chat” flag, but all it does is downloading the chat transcript on the Zoom User pc… I need that on the server side, instead

Hi @matteo,

I have replied to you via DM since it would require me to request some private credentials from you.


just to notify the other users as well, there currently is NO SUPPORT for in-meeting messages. The APIs listed here only work for text messages exchanged privately, outside from meetings. This thread got my hopes up, but it simply wasn’t true.

I needed to spend a week discussing privately with the support and move from a test account to a paid one just to finally have this answer from them… I am writing here so that other people could at least avoid to waste so much time just to get disappointed like this…