Getting Invalid access token

Hello,  I am trying to use the API using OAuth2.  I am able to get an access token via postman but when I make a simple request to fetch users via I keep getting 

“code”: 124,
“message”: “Invalid access token.”

I am using grant type client_credentials and using my id and secret. 

I have granted all the scopes possible in my marketplace app settings.

Please can you assist?  Thank you


Hi Awein,

You can no longer call our most APIs using Client Credentials. The only one you can call is the sendmessage API. To make the v2/users call you will need to use JWT or User Authentication - 


Thanks Nigel for responding.  I am using SailPoint to manage zoom users.  There is not going to be any user interaction.  In the document you referred to, the first step is to get the “code” and your API will route the user to redirect_url.  However because of lack of user interaction our SailPoint system does not know how to handle the redirect.

There is however another method in SailPoint called API Token grant type that I want to try.  Can you please point me to some docs that shows me sample code to use Zoom’s API id/secret and make API calls?  

Hi Awsin, 

Here are the docs to use Zoom APIs for JWT with sample code - You can get your API Key/Secret from here - 


I meant an example on how to use the following API creds.

Thanks Nigel.  We can unfortunately  not use JWT since SailPoint requires that I encrypt the JWT however Zoom does not support JWE.